ISL Industrial Sands Ltd

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A high quality / washed silica sand similar to our P56 sand, but screened to a slightly finer particle size distribution. Used extensively as a concrete aggregate, plaster aggregate, and used in grout related products. It is also ideal for texture coating applications.

Product is available in 20kg or metric tonne (1,000kg) bulk bags.


Typical Chemical Analysis:

Silica                                                    99.32%
Aluminium Oxide                             0.16%
Ferric Oxide                                       0.07%
Calcium Oxide                                   0.10%
Magnesium Oxide                            0.02%
Sodium Oxide                                    0.02%
Potassium Oxide                               0.10%
Moisture                                             0.10%
Loss on Ignition                                0.2%

Typical Physical Properties:

Specific Gravity g/mL)                    2.56
Tapped Bulk density                        1.55
AFS clay content                              0.3%
AFS fineness No.                              60.65%

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