ISL Industrial Sands Ltd

New Zealand's Leading Manufacturer of Industrial Sands


High quality, clean black iron sand. A very dense sand, with a consistent particle sizing between 75 to 150 microns. This sand has a very high Ferric Oxide content at approximately 80%.

Product is available in 20kg or metric tonne (1,000kg) bulk bags.


Typical Chemical Analysis:

Silica                                                    99.32%
Aluminium Oxide                             0.16%
Ferric Oxide                                       0.07%
Calcium Oxide                                   0.10%
Magnesium Oxide                            0.02%
Sodium Oxide                                    0.02%
Potassium Oxide                               0.10%
Moisture                                             0.10%
Loss on Ignition                                0.2%

Typical Physical Properties:

Specific Gravity g/mL)                    2.56
Tapped Bulk density                        1.55
AFS clay content                              0.3%
AFS fineness No.                              60.65%

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