ISL’s Glass filter media is produced from 100% recycled glass (fused silicon dioxide) which has been extensively washed and sterilized, prior to being ground and screened to the correct filtration media sizing.
Washed and sterilized glass media provides a high quality-filtering product, which delivers a safe and environmentally sustainable alternative to other filtering media.

Industry tests have shown that in some cases glass filter media can last up to three times longer than other filtration media, and allows for faster and cleaner backwashing.

This means potential savings on water and expensive chemicals due to the necessity of frequent backwashing.

Bacteria absorption within the filter unit is depressed due to the smooth surfaces of the glass media.

Two sizes of glass filter media are available:
Fine .6mm -2.4mm
Coarse 5mm

Product is available in 20kg or metric tonne (1,000kg) bulk bags.